Curriculum Vitae 


Ph.D. English. University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2013 
M.A. Creative Writing (Poetry). Temple University. 2006
B.S. English. Towson University. 2004

Professional Appointments

Director, Creative Writing Program, Michigan State University. 2022–present
Associate Professor, Michigan State University. 2020–present
Assistant Professor, Michigan State University. 2017–2020.
Editor, Jacket2, University of Pennsylvania. 2017–2020
Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University. 2014–2017
Lecturer (Non-TS), University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2008–2014
Teaching Artist, Just Buffalo Literary Center. 2008–2014
Instructor (Non-TS), Temple University. 2004–2006

Awards, Grants, Honors

(Sole) Nominee, 2024 Michigan State Universities Assoc. Distinguished Professor of the Year 2024
Jurist, The Kingsley and Kate Tufts Awards. 2023–2026
Fellow, Civitella Ranieri Foundation. 2023 
(Sole) Nominee, 2023 Michigan State Universities Assoc. Distinguished Professor of the Year 2023
Editor, Poem-A-Day, elected by The Academy of American Poets 2023
Winner, Teacher-Scholar Award (University-wide), Michigan State University 2023
Winner, 2022 The Kingsley Tufts Award for Poetry. 2022 
Winner, 2022 The PEN America Open Book Award. 2022 
Finalist, 2022 Creative Capital Foundation Grant (Wild Futures). 2023
Finalist, 2022 CLMP Firecracker Awards for Independently Published Literature (Poetry). 2022
Collaborator, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation “Just Futures” Grant. 2021–2023 
Winner, Delia Koo Endowment for Faculty Award. 2022
Engaged Pedagogy Grant (LaToya Ruby Frazier/ Writing Water). Michigan State University. 2022
Michigan State University Libraries Digital Humanities Lab Incubator. 2021  
Digital Humanities/ Public Humanities Seed Grant, Michigan State University. 2020
Humanities and Arts Research Program (HARP) Grant, Michigan State University. 2019
Special Commission, The Press at Colorado College. Colorado College. 2018
Engaged Pedagogy Grant (Claudia Rankine), Michigan State University. 2018
Engaged Pedagogy Grant (Cherríe Moraga/ Amalia Ortiz), Michigan State University. 2018
Department of English Summer Research Stipend, Michigan State University. 2018
College Fund for International Travel (CFIT) Grant. Michigan State University. 2017
Michigan State University Start Up Research Grant. 2017–2022
Nanyang Technological University Start Up Research Grant. 2015–2017 
Bob Kaufman Poetry Award. 2014
Riverrun Foundation Research Grant. University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2012
Mark Diamond Research Fund Award. University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2012
GSEU and New York State Award. University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2011
Marilyn Doubrava Fellowship. University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2007–2011
Academy of American Poets Award. 2005, 2006
William Gunn Creative Writing Fellowship. Temple University. 2004–2005

Publications (2009 to present)

Nightboat Books. April 2021.
— Winner: The PEN America Open Book Award; 
— Winner: The Kingsley Tufts Award
Curb, The Press at Colorado College. Artist’s Book Special Commission. Colorado. 2019
Kith, Fence Books (U.S.A), Book*hug. Toronto. 2017
Unsub, Insert Blanc. Los Angeles. 2015
Natural Subjects, Trembling Pillow. New Orleans. 2014
— Winner: Bob Kaufman AwardThings to Do with Your Mouth, Les Figues. Los Angeles. 2013

Chapbooks and Other Short-form Publications
(German edition). Merve Verlag. Trans. Lena Schmidt. Berlin. 2020
Semblance (English edition). With an Introduction by Douglas Kearney. Sputnik and Fizzle Book
Series (Featuring Fred Moten, Isla (Mason) Leaver-Yap). New York/Butte. 2016
Reconfiliating: Conversations with Conceptual-Affiliated Writers. With an Afterword by Joseph Mosconi. Essay Press. Wyoming/Oakland. 2015
Swift Taxidermies 1919–1922, Gauss PDF. Philadelphia/San Francisco. 2014
Say Hello to Your Last Chapbook, with Mathias Svalina, New Lights Press. Colorado Springs. 2014
Partial Derivative of the Unnamable, Troll Thread. Buffalo/New York City. 2012
Goodbye, John! On John Baldessari, Gauss PDF. Philadelphia/San Francisco. 2012
Punch, Gauss PDF. Philadelphia/San Francisco. 2011
Partial Dictionary of the Unnamable, Troll Thread. Buffalo/New York City. 2011
Partial Directory of the Unnamable, Troll Thread. Buffalo/New York City. 2011
Hellocasts by Charles Reznikoff by Divya Victor by Vanessa Place, Ood Press. Los Angeles. 2010
Sutures, Little Red Leaves. New Braunfels/ Colorado Springs/ Houston. 2009

Works in Anthologies
“W is for Walt Whitman’s Soul.” The Seagull Book of Poems (5th Edition.) W.W. Norton Company. 2022
“On Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself.”  The Difference is Spreading: Modern and
Contemporary Poetry (ModPo) Reader, University of Pennsylvania Press. ed. Al Filreis. 2022.
“Portraits de famille/ Family Portraits,” trans. Vincent Broqua. NIOQUES (22-23), Nouvelle
Poésie des Étas-Unis. Numéro bilingue. Ed. Broqua, Vincent, Olivier Brossard, Abigail Lang. October 2020
“Skirt” and “Unskirt,” Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene, Wesleyan University Press. 2018 
“Color: A Sequence of Unbearable Happenings,” BAX: Best American Experimental Writing, Wesleyan University Press. 2016 
“Three Deconstructions: On Wu Pen Seng’s Photography,” Eye/Feel/Write: Experiments in Ekphrasis. Commissioned by the National Gallery (Singapore), Squircle Line Press. 2015 
“Answer,” The Animated Reader. Commissioned by The New Museum for The New Museum Triennial. 2015
“Mouth to Mouth with Your Mouth,” Trench Art: Hurry Up Please Its Time, Les Figues Press. 2015

Works in Journals, Newspapers, Magazines
“Make/Do,” Poem-a-Day, The Academy of American Poets. April 2024
“Settlement” The New York Times Magazine. November 2023
“A Room of One’s Own,” The Atlantic. June 2023
“Care is a Verb,” American Poetry Review. July 2021
“Blood/Soil,” jubilat. Issue 39. August 2021
“Petitions for an Alien Relative” The Against Nature Journal. Council. March 2021
“Location/ Locution,” POETRY Magazine. June 2020
“Ardor/Arbor,” Playgirl, Inaugural Re-launch. Fall 2020
“Beds 1” and “Beds 2,” The Poetry Foundation. October 2019
From Curb, “Curb 6,” Cordite Poetry Review. August 2019
“As Donna,” BOMB. Summer 2019 
From Curb, “Cast in Place: Srinivas Kuchibhotla.” The Capilano Review. Winter Issue. 2019
“Water,” Transpacific Literary Project, “Plastics” Dossier, The Asian American Writers’ : Workshop (AAWW). 2018
“Poem by Poet,” CRUX: Crux Desperationis: Journal of Conceptual Writing. Issue 11. December 2018
“Foreign Terms (H, I),” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. Issue 41 Writing Singapore. September 2018
“Sugar on the Gash,” The Margins, The Asian American Writers’ Workshop (AAWW). July 2018.
“Skirt” The Boston Review (What Nature issue). February 2018
“The Kitsch Offered by the Sentimental Brown Diaspora Poem” and “Have YOU made your Brown Poem today?” The Offing. February 2018
“Mor,” REAEDR. “War” Issue. New Lights Press. 2017
“Two Stains” from Kith, in The Elephants. 2017
“Foreign Terms (L, M, N),” from Kith, in The Brooklyn Rail. 2017
“Paper Boats” from Kith, in Cream City Review 40th Anniversary Issue, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. 2016
“Color: A Sequence of Unbearable Happenings” and “Parent Patterns,” from Kith, inboundary2 (Race and Innovation Special Issue), Duke University Press. 2015 
“Profile: Passing Attempts,” Junoesq. 2015 
“Writing What You Know,” from Kith, in Makhzin: Feminisms Issue. Commissioned by The 98 Weeks Research Project. 2015 
“Hellocasts,” VLAK Magazine, Issue 5. 2015
“Subjects of Poetry,” Psí víno, Issue 72. Translated by David Vichnar. 2015
“Race Card,” Crux: Journal of Conceptual Writing, Issue 6. 2015
Excerpt from Kith, “This Whiteness is Bob Saget,” A Women’s Thing. 2015
Excerpt from Kith, “Migrant Forms,” Kitaab: Asia+n Writing in English. 2015
Excerpt from Kith, “Laundry List,” Tripwire 9. 2015
Excerpt from Kith, “Dromomania,” The Brooklyn Rail, 2015.
“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Lockheed SR71 Blackbird,” “Muscles that Spell Mussels from Brussels,” “Predictions for a Future Corpse,” Say Hello To Your Last Chapbook, New Lights Press. 2014
“Predictions for a Future Corpus,” dreamboat, 2014 
“Muscles that Spell Mussels from Brussels,” Crux: Journal of Conceptual Writing, issue 5. 2014 
“A Mouth to Mouth with Your Mouth,” TrenchArt: Logistics, Les Figues. 2013
“Subjects of Poetry,” The Claudius App, issue 4. 2013
“Laundry List.” HOBO Magazine, issue 15. 2013
“Ten Little Poets,” dusie. 2013
Excerpt from Partial Derivative of the Unnamable, Theory@Buffalo: Flesh. 2013
“My Dove,” Henry Review. 2012
“Touching Feeling,” Two Serious Ladies Journal. 2012
“The Middle East,” Matrix (Conceptual Dossier). 2012
“Brace Position,” New Lights press (broadside). 2011
“Dora et Flora: Analyse d’un Moment Crucial dans L’etude de Cas.” Revue Tina, issue 8: Gender Surprise. Translated by Anne-Sylvie Homassel. 2011
“Dora and Flora: An Analysis of the Turn in the Case,” P-QUEUE. 2011
“poses with furniture” & “Character,” President’s Choice. 2009
“The Scene of the Thigh,” P-QUEUE. 2009

Refereed Critical Journal Articles
“An(other)’s Way of Knowing: Memory, Testimony, and Subjectivity in Bapsi Sidhwa’s ‘Defend Yourself Against Me’.” Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies. Vol. 16 Special Issue: Postcolonial Pakistani Writing In English (2011): 82–100

Journal Articles, Interviews, Critical Introductions, Commissioned Commentary
Preface to Raw Materials, Astrid Lorange. Atelos 2023
“Inter-Diasporic Frequencies” with Ariel Resnikoff. The Brooklyn Rail. 2023. June 2023
“Strangers in our Own Homes.” The Yale Review.  September 2021
“On CURB: A Conversation with Divya Victor and Mathangi Subramanian.” Ms Magazine. Fall 2021
“I Had to Grow a New Tongue:  A Conversation with Divya Victor and Mary-Kim Arnold.”   Editorial Feature. Tupelo Quarterly. August 2021
“Coalition in the Imaginary: A Conversation with Divya Victor and Sanchari Sur.” The Margins. Asian American Writer’s Workshop. June 2021
“On Milestone 1 (We Speak about your Daughter).” In Their Own Words. Poetry Society of America. June 2021
Editorial Introduction to Extreme Texts. Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2019
“>>[WOMAN WAILING]: On the Problem of Representing Trauma as a Brown Woman in the Institution of Poetry.” Featured Commentary Column for National Poetry Month, Harriet. The Poetry Foundation. April 2019
“A Home in my Ears: Talking to Divya Victor (Andy Fitch). Los Angeles Review of Books (Blog/LARB). February 2019
“On How and Kith: An Interview with Divya Victor (Mg Roberts),” Entropy. October 2018
“How Much Can a Famished Being Dream? Ethos Books and Poetry Publishing in Singapore,” Discourses on Locality, Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2017
“An Unknown Length of Rope: Or, How to Survive in Water if You Are Made of Paint.” Harriet. The Poetry Foundation. 2016
Editorial Introduction to Conceptualist Writing and Other Cultural Productions. Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2016
Introduction to Koel by Jen Crawford (Poetry monograph). Cordite Press. January 2016
“Tania De Rozario: On the Monstrous Feminine,” Discourses on Locality, Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2016
“Wounds,” Evening Will Come: The Affect Issue. The Volta. 2015
“Yong Shu Hoong: On the (unofficial) “Reluctant Yuppie” and “Reluctant Soldier” Schools of Poetry in Singapore,” Discourses on Locality, Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2015
“Ng Yi Sheng: On Performance, Queer Activism, and Speaking through the Gag” Discourses on Locality, Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2015
“Pooja Nansi: On the Whalesongs of Bollywood, Sentiment, and the Lyric Familiar” Discourses on Locality, Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2015
Featured Commentary Column for National Poetry Month, Harriet. The Poetry Foundation. 2014 
“Conceptualist Auto-poiesis: a dialogue between Divya Victor (United States/India/Singapore), Swantje Lichtenstein (Germany), and Riccardo Boglione (Italy/Uruguay),” Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2013
“Discourse on Vocality with Rachel Zolf,” Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia . 2013
“Discourse on Vocality with Myung Mi Kim,” Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2012
“Discourse on Vocality with Kim Rosenfield,” Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2011
“Discourse on Vocality with Vanessa Place,” Jacket2. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. 2011
“To call into question. . . to make common": Sounded Hospitality in Myung Mi Kim's Seminars,” Building is a Process / Light is an Element, Queue Books, Buffalo. 2008

Installation, Performance, Visual and Alt-media
Thresholds, produced by the American Modern Opera Company (AMOC*) with Carolyn Chen. 2025
“Absence of Reliable Ghosts” with Carolyn Chen. Text and Score. Aural Poetics. OEI (Stockholm). 2023.
Curb, the Artists Book. “City of Faith.”  Museum of the City of New York. Exhibition. 2023
“A Passageway Between Shores.” Musical Performance. 76th Ojai Music Festival. Dir. American Modern Opera Company (AMOC). Paul Appleby, Keir GoGwilt, Carolyn Chen, and Divya Victor. 2022
Curb(ed): A Webspace companion to CURB. With Carolyn Chen, Amarnath Ravva, Karin Aue. 2021
“Paper Boats,” sound installation, for THIS KNOWN WORLD: Spontaneous Particulars of the Poetic Research Bureau, for Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) Los Angeles, Los Angeles. January 2017
“Paper Boats,” collaborative public performance. With Joseph Mosconi and Sophia Le Fraga. The Poetic Research Bureau. Los Angeles. April 2016
“Paper People,” Collaborative public installation. With Fia Backström. Commissioned by The Artist’s Institute/Hunter College, New York City. November/December 2015
A Mouth To Mouth With Your Mouth, Bent In Exhibit, Prime Time Gallery, New York City. 2013
“Subjects of Poetry,” The Claudius App. Issue 4. With Jon Rutzmoser. 2013
Race Card, Niagara Book Arts Center, St. Catharine’s, Ontario. 2012
Hellocasts, Not Content Exhibit, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibit, Los Angeles. 2011
“As if my Life: Responding to Lyn Hejinian’s My Life,” AS IF Auction, Les Figues, Human Resources, Los Angeles, 2011
“Writing the Hellocast” THE FIELD Auction, Les Figues, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibit, Los Angeles. 2010. 

“Some Enjoyments During Our Daily Devastations: On Holly Melgard, Aditi Machado, Mercedes Eng, Serena Chopra, Eric Schmaltz.” Tarpaulin Sky. 2018
“Dammit Frankie” Review of Old News by Ryan Eckes, Furniture Press, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“Desire to Be/in Proximity/ with Okayness” Review of DOWN by Sarah Dowling, Coach House Books, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“Auto-hagiographic Travelogue with Doritos” Review of Undercastle by Feliz Lucia Molina, Magic Helicopter Press, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“Deus Ex Machina/ God from the Machine” Review of Nicholas Mugavero and Chris Sylvester’s OrWorse Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“From Disney’s Porn Vault, a Story that Will Bring the Family Together, this Apocalpse” Review of The Failure Age by Amanda Montei, Bloof Books, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“In Other Edens” Review of Book of Feral Fauna by Amanda Ackerman, Les Figues Press, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“Miscreants and Miscreative Writing” Review of Anti-Humboldt by Hugo García Manríquez, Litmus Press, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“Nikon, Don’t You See I’m Burning?” Review of Awesome Camera by Laura Goldstein, Make Now Press, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“Oedipal Loop de Loop Plus Goop” Review of Shhh! It’s Poetry by Jon Rutzmoser, Insert/Blanc Press, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“Pause is the Tenderest Button” Review of Extrigue by Shiv Kotecha, Make Now Press, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
“Turning Tables” Review of Apollo by Geoffrey Gatza, BlazeVox Books, Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation. 2014
Censory Impulse, Erica Kaufman, Factory School Press, Rain Taxi Review of Books. 2009

Selected Critical Talks and Panels (Featured, Commissioned, and Invited)

Annual Lecture, The George Oppen Lecture 2023. San Francisco University. December 2023
Featured Speaker, “Ambient Faith” Museum of the City of New York. September 2023
Poem Talk. Kelly Writers House/ Poetry Foundation. With Al Filreis, Dagmawie Woubshet, Whitney Trettien. On Douglas Kearney’s Sho. March 2023
Visiting Writer’s Public Address (Lecture): ““A Sound of Trouble in the Voice”: Notes on Polyvocal Poetics, Tamil Oppari, and the Writing of Unresolved, Collective Grief.” Seattle University. February 2022
Keynote Address: “Poetry’s Refusal to be Obituary: Witnessing Mass Death Events in 21st Poetry. With Remarks on William Wordsworth & Douglas Kearney.” At the Dusk of Literature?–21st-century North American writing in extremis Conference. University of Łódź (Poland). June 2021
Panelist, “EMERGENCE/Y”: Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment. “How to be Human Now” with Camille Dungy, Allison Cobb, Emily Raboteau. August 2021.
Featured Speaker and Moderator: “C__P Time” Center for African American Poetry and Poetics (CAPP), University of Pittsburgh. March 2021
Panelist, Reworking the Workshop: Changing Dynamics for a Diverse Classroom. Associated Writing Programs (AWP) Conference. March 2021
Featured speaker/reader: “Close Readings: Emily Jungmin Yoon’s “Bell Theory”,” John Ashbery Foundation/The Flowchart Foundation. December 2020
Featured Speaker, Festival of Forms, University of Colorado, Boulder. March 2020. (Presentation canceled due to COVID-19).
“Stooping at Stoops,” “Veer and the Verge.” &NOW Conference. University of Washington, Bothell. September 2019
On Kith and Migration. University of Chicago. May 2019
Laying Curb: Process and Production of Curb. Colorado College. April 2019.
Transcriptive Poetics & Miscreative Writing. University of Denver. January 2019.
“Ventriloquizing the Mute Protest: Transatlantic Resonance & Embodied Citation in Tracie Morris’ Sound Poems & the Sachsenhausen Cabaret of Aleksander Kulisiewicz,” MLA Conference, Chicago. January 2019
“Sugar on the Gash: Recitative Poetics and the Postcolonial Unbelonged.” The Annual Rachel Blau DuPlessis Lecture on Poetics. Temple University. April 2018
“On Wailing and the Wound.” A talk on Performance and Embodied Poetics. Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics, Naropa University. March 2018.
On Kith and Kin as Process. The Center for Expanded Poetics, Concordia University. April 2018.
“How Poetry is Liberated in Mixed Media.” With Collier Nogues and Nancy Perloff. Singapore Writer’s Festival. Singapore, 2016
The Leslie Scalapino Memorial Lecture in 21st Century Poetics. “Cicadas in Your Mouth,” Timkin Center/Small Press Traffic. 2014 
“A Witness in the Gift Shop: Researching at the Holocaust Memorial Museum,” The Riverrun Foundation. Talking Leaves Books. University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2013
“Ventriloquizing the Muselweiber: The Unspeakable and Unspoken Place of the Female Body in Poetries of Witness,” American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA). Brown University. 2012
“Conceptual Writing by Women. With Vanessa Place and Katie Degentesh” Monday Night Series. The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s. 2012
“Witness and Ventriloquy: Documentary Aesthetics and the Representation of Complicity,” UB Poetics@20 (University at Buffalo (SUNY)). 2012
“Mapping Resistance with Renee Gladman’s The Activist and Fredrick Jameson” Advancing Feminist Poetics and Activism. City University of New York (CUNY). 2009
“Buffalo Poetics Panel,” Emergency Series, University of Pennsylvania. Kelly Writers House. 2009
“‘Prenatal plagiarism’ & ‘kits of bloodbone’: A “disguss[ion]” of Misrecognized Voices, Grotesque Bodies, & the Abject Pun in the Work of Caroline Bergvall & Mina Loy,” Lifting Belly High: Women’s Poetry since 1900. Duquesne University. 2008

Selected Performances, Talks, & Presentations (by Invitation or Commission)

Museum of the City of New York (“Ambient faith”). September 2023
Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellows Presentation. July 2023
Kenyon College. November 2022.
Case Western Reserve University. November 2022
University of Pennsylvania. Kelly Writers’ House. November 2022.
Rutgers University–Newark. November 2022
College Book Arts Association. With Aaron Cohick. November 2022
Brown University. Writers on Writing. September 2022.
Harvard University. Vocarium Reading Series. With Solmaz Sharif. October 2022
Colorado College: The MacLean Symposium | Asian American Literatures. With Mai Der Vang and Cathy Park Hong. April 2022
San Francisco State University. The Poetry Center. March 2022
University of Cincinnati. Visiting Writers Series. February 2022
University of Chicago. New Voices in Poetry Series. February 2022
University of Chicago Libraries. In conversation with Aaron Cohick. February 2022
Seattle University. Writer in Residence Program. February 2022
University of California, San Diego.  New Writing Series. November 2021
Singapore Writers’ Festival. “Promiscuous Poetics: A Conversation on Hybrid Poetry.” With Aase Berg, Mok Zining, Shubigi Rao. November 2021
University of California, Berkeley. Holloway Poetry Series. October 2021
Center for Poetry, Michigan State University. With Serena Chopra. October 2021
University of Washington, Bothell. “Fall Convergence.” Panel of Commissioned Performances. October 2021
The Poetry Project. With Prageeta Sharma, Serena Chopra, Aditi Machado, Kama La Mackerel. September 2021
Poetry & BYOBiscuits. With Ruben Quesada, George Abraham, Nathan Hoks. August 2021
Moonstone Arts Center. “Poetry of Displacement”: With Fióna Bolger and Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan. August 2021
Naropa University, Summer Writing Program, Week Long Teaching Residency. June 2021
The Annual Poetry Project Marathon. December 2020/January 2021
“18 Poets” for Transmissions. Curated by CA Conrad. August 2020.
Segue Reading Series. With Zaina Alsous. October 2019
Colorado College. Visiting Writers’ Series. May 2019
University of North Carolina- Wilmington. Celsius/Fahrenheit Series. November 2018
The Poetry Project. With Khadijah Queen. October 2018
Asian American Writers’ Workshop. With Meena Alexander. October 2018
Hudson Area Library, New York State Writers Institute, Fence & The Home School. Curators: Rebecca Wolff, Adam Fitzgerald. Albany. July 2018
Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania. Curator: Jessica Lowenthal. Philadelphia. April 2018
Naropa University. With Jordan Scott, Rickey Laurentiis. Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Curator: Jeffrey Pethybridge. Boulder. March 2018 
Gamma Gallery. Curator: Michael Nardone. Montreal. April 2018
Michigan State University Libraries. Curator: Michael Rodriguez. East Lansing, 2018
Book*hug 2017 Catalog Launch. Curators: Hazel MillAr, Jay MillAr. Toronto, 2017
Nanyang Technological University Faculty Reading, UltraSuperNew. Singapore, 2017
Yale-NUS. Writer’s Center. With Gish Jen. Curators: Robin Hemley and Heidi Stalla. Singapore, 2016
Lasalle College of the ARTS. Curator. Darryl Whetter. Singapore, 2016
“My Home/My Sayang” The Singapore Writers Festival. Singapore, 2016
SPEAK. Curator: Stephanie Chan. Singapore, 2016
Intercultural Encounters. The Singapore Advocacy Awards. Curator: Alvin Wong. Singapore, 2016
The Wattis Institute. Andrea Fraser Exhibit. Curator: Alli Warren. San Francisco, 2016
Nanyang Technological University Creative Writing Faculty Reading. Artistry. Singapore, 2016
Insert Blanc Press Reading. Off-site Association of Writing Programs Conference 2016. The Poetic Research Bureau. Curators: Joseph Mosconi, Andrew Maxwell. Los Angeles, 2016
Les Figues Press Reading. Association of Writing Programs (AWP) Conference 2016. Curator: Teresa Carmody. Los Angeles, 2016
M1 Fringe Festival. “Art and the Animal”/ Speakeasy #24. Curator: Pooja Nansi. Singapore, 2016
Eye/Feel/Write. National Gallery of Singapore in Collaboration with Singapore Writer’s Festival. Singapore, 2015
Singapore Writer’s Festival. Curators: Yeo Kai Chai, Shiuan Ling Phua et all. Singapore, 2015
Speakeasy #21. Curator: Pooja Nansi. Singapore, 2015
&NOW: Blast Radius Conference. California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Panel Lead: Teresa Carmody (Les Figues). Valencia, California, 2015
Contemporary Poetry Research Group. Curators: Mat Laporte, Eric Schmaltz. Toronto, 2015
Singapore Writer’s Festival. Curators: Shiuan Ling Phua, Paul Tan et al. Singapore, 2014
Poetic Research Bureau. Curators: Joseph Mosconi, Ara Shirinyan, Andrew Maxwell. Los Angeles, 2014.
ON: Contemporary Practice. Curator: Michael Cross. Oakland, 2014.
Counterpath Books Reading series. Curator: Oren Silverman, Julie Carr. Denver, 2014
Say Hello to Your Last Poetry Reading. Curators: Noel Anderson Black, Aaron Cohick. Colorado Springs, 2014.
Silo City, 100,000 Poets and Artists for Change. Curator: Barbara Cole, Noah Falk. Buffalo, 2013
MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), “Transform the World!” Curator: Kenneth Goldsmith. New York City, U.S.A., 2013
Niagara Book Arts Center, Grey Borders Reading Series. Curator: Craig Dodman, Eric Schmaltz. St. Catharines, 2012
The Poetry Project, Conceptual Writing by Women, Monday Night Series at St. Mark’s. Curator: Simone White. New York City, 2012
University of Pennsylvania Bookstore, Random Name Series. Curator: David Hancock. Philadelphia, 2012
L’Etage, Principal Hand Series. Curator: Steve McLaughlin. Philadelphia, 2012
The Bowery, Segue Reading Series. Curators: Kaegan Sparks, Trisha Low. New York City, 2011
Big Orbit Gallery, BYOB Series. Curator: Joey Yearous Algozin. Buffalo, 2010
Friday Night Series at St. Mark’s. Curator: Eddie Hopely. New York City, 2010
Kelly Writers House, Emergency Reading Series. Curators: Julia Bloch, Sarah Dowling. Philadelphia, 2009

Professional Appointments & Service

Current Appointment
Director, Creative Writing Program, Michigan State University
Associate Professor, Michigan State University
  • Advanced Poetry
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Introduction to Poetry
  • Creative Writing and Community (Practice and Purpose)
  • Special Topics (20th Century, Contemporary, Emergent Poetry), Graduate Level Seminars
  • Host Department: Department of English, Michigan State University

Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University
The Asian Pacific American (APA) Studies program, Michigan State University

Editor, Shivram Gopinath, Dey, (Poetry), Ethos Books. (Release TBD—ongoing)
Editor, Mok Zining’s The Orchid Folios (Poetry/Essay/Visual Works). Ethos Books. Singapore. 2020 
Editor, Marylyn Tan’s Gaze Back (Poetry), Ethos Books. 2019. LAMBDA Nominee
Editor, Moez Surani’s Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real? Book*hug. 2019
Editor, Eric Schmaltz’s Surfaces (Poetry), Invisible Publishing. 2018 
Editor, Michael Nardone’s The Ritualities (Poetry), Book*hug. 2018 
Editor. Jacket2: Journal of Poetry and Poetics. University of Pennsylvania. 2017–2020
Co-editor. Troll Thread Press, Buffalo. 2011–2013
Co-editor. Furniture Press, Baltimore. 2003

MSU Creative Writing Calendar Curator and Presenter 2022–Present
CREATE! Microgrants—Creativity during COVID. Coordinator and Curator. 2020–2022
CAL Signature Lecture Series (Inaugural Coordinator) 2019–2020
Who is a Citizen?: Contest and Exhibit, with the MSU Broad Art Museum. 2020
Masterclass: John Lucas & Claudia Rankine. Coordinator and Curator. 2020
HYPHENS: Lecture/Performance Series. MSU. 2017–present [On hiatus due to COVID]
Hyphens Essay Prize. Michigan State University. 2018–present.
Creative Writing Awards. Michigan State University. 2017–present.
Live Lit. Michigan State University. 2017-present.
International and National Writers in Residence Program: Collaboration between Nanyang Technological University and the National Arts Council of Singapore. 2014–2017
PornetiXXX: Poetics of Pornography. In tandem with At the Limit: Pornography and the Humanities, University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2009
REFER, poet-exchange series for Poetics+, University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2009
(co)ludere, constraint-based performance series for Poetics+, University at Buffalo (SUNY). 2008–2009
Reading Series at The Red Rooster, Philadelphia PA. 2005–2006

Past Professional Appointments/Visiting Appointments
Visiting Writer, Spring 2022. Seattle University
Visiting Writer, Summer 2021. Naropa University Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics
Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

  • Advanced level: Advanced Creative Writing (Prose, Verse, Non-Fiction, New Media)
  • Intermediate level: Contemporary Poetry, Intermediate Creative Workshop, World Poetry, Poetry for ESL Writers
  • Introductory level: Creative Writing in Prose /Fiction, Poetry, and Multi-Media forms.

Advisement and Supervision:
Completed Postgraduate candidate advisement:
PhD. Candidate Eric Tinsay Valles, Bahau Quilt: Confessing and Unweaving the Self. A collection of lyric and documentary verse. Critical Focus: Trauma Studies, Theology, Augustine and Benjamin.
M.A. Candidate Nurul Wahidah Bte Mohammed. Eke. A collection of concrete and visually experimental verse. Critical focus: History of Visual Poetics.
M.A. Candidate Isabelle Teo. Collection of narrative short fiction. Critical Focus: LGBTQ+ Studies, Mental illness, Disability studies
Honors Advisement roles:
Undergraduate Research Excellence on Campus Program (URECA) (Multiple candidates)
Final Year Research/Capstone Project (FYP) (Multiple candidates)
Editorial Advisement:
Epiphany, NTU’S Student Organization, Theatre & Publication Wings
Echo: Undergraduate biannual Literary Magazine

Instructor (Lecturer), University at Buffalo (State University of New York) 
  • Life Writing (20th Century to Contemporary, cross-genre) 2013
  • Technical Writing. 2012
  • Introduction to Writing Poetry and Prose Fiction 2010–2014
  • Writing (Honors Composition and Rhetoric) 2007–2014
  • Writing 1 (Freshman Composition and Rhetoric) 2007–2014
  • Writing 2 (Advanced Composition and Rhetoric) 2007–2014

Instructor, Temple University. 
  • Introduction to Academic Discourse (First Year Writing Program) 2004–2006
  • Analytical Reading and Writing (First Year Writing Program) 2004–2006
  • Creative Writing Poetry 2004–2006

Poetry instructor, Just Buffalo Literary Center. 2008–2014 
  • Poet in Residence, St. Joseph’s School, Buffalo 
  • Poet in Residence, Antonia Pantoja Charter School, Buffalo 
  • Poet in Residence, Hutchinson Central Technical High School, Buffalo 
  • Poetry instructor, “Writing with Light” program (collaborative project between Just Buffalo Literary Center and CEPA Art Gallery, with emphasis on the conjunctions between poetry and photography)
  • Poetry instructor, “Reclaiming Buffalo” program (collaborative project between Just Buffalo Literary Center and CEPA Art Gallery, with emphasis on the conjunctions between poetry, photography)

Teaching Areas

20th and 21st Century Transnational Poetry and Poetics 
20th Century and Contemporary American Literature
Creative Writing (Poetry, Prose, Non-fiction)
Advanced Poetry and Manuscript Forms


    University and Departmental Service
    Michigan State University, ongoing or since 2020:
    Museum of the City of New York, Advisor on City of Faith 2022
    Member, Acquisitions Board, Eli and Edythe Broad Museum 2022-present
    Member, College Advisory Council 2020
    Member, Policy Committee (English)
    Convener, Hyphens Lecture/Reading/Performance Series
    Faculty Convener, Hyphens Essay Prize for Undergraduates and Graduates
    Member, Live-Lit Committee 

    Past Service at Michigan State University:
    Member, Dean’s Arts Advisory Council (College of Arts and Letters) 
    Representative, Women’s Advisory Council to the Provost
    Member, Mentoring Underrepresented Scholars in English (MUSE) Program 
    Member, Graduate Committee (Admissions and Professionalization)
    Member, By-Law Revision Committee (English Department)
    Faculty Advisor, Students of Color Focus Group
    Member, Search Committee, Creative Writing Post Doctoral Candidate
    Member, Search Committee, Creative Writing Fixed Term Appointments
    Member, CAL Leadership Awards Committee

    Nanyang Technological University:
    Member, Creative Writing Committee. 2014–2017
    Co-organizer, International and National Writers Residency Program (in collaboration with the National Arts Council). 2014–2017
    Advisor, URECA Program (Undergraduate Research Experience). 2014–2017
    Advisor, Epiphany: Nanyang Technological University’s Theatre and English Society. 2014–2017
    Coordinator, Introduction to Creative Writing Courses. 2014–2017
    Member, Search Committee, Associate/Open Professor in Creative Writing. 2015

    University at Buffalo (SUNY):
    Member, Hiring Committee, Assistant Professor in Poetry and Poetics. 2011–2012
    Member, Graduate Admissions Committee. 2008–2009
    President, Graduate Poetics Group. 2008–2009
    Voting Member, English Graduate Student Association. 2008–2011
    Member, Poetics Archive Project. 2011

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