This feature, curated by Jacket2 editor Divya Victor, explores “extremity” in twenty-first-century poetics: formally, thematically, and philosophically. Through “Scholarship,” “Engagements,” and “Cases,” as well as a special Philippines Dossier on materiality and political resistance, “Extreme Texts” grapples with the social role of poetry in the contemporary political landscape.

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This feature on Conceptual writing collects thirty-five responses from a wide group of practitioners and critics of diverse method, intent, and position, who responded to Divya Victor’s 2015 call for writing: 1) To expand the field of critical influences and frame its discourses through the lenses of anti-imperialism, postcolonialism, spirituality studies, disability studies, ecocriticism, and critical race theory; 2) To create records of aesthetic and political genealogies which resonate as true and lived for practitioners; and 3) To articulate the critique of dominant and hegemonic genealogies or histories associated with contemporary conceptual and conceptual-like writing.




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